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"The TMS Trader is nothing short of revolutionary.  It uses an extraordinarily accurate trading formula to produce consistently high profits with low risk!"



TMS Trading Success Stories


Here’s what a few of our many successful TMS Traders say about the TMS Trading System –


Ten Minutes A Day Is All It Takes!

“I am very impressed with the performance of the TMS Trading System.

“I spend no more than ten minutes a day reviewing my trades and entering new orders if necessary.   That’s all it takes to bring in higher returns than any other system.

“To say I am delighted doesn’t cut it.  I am totally thrilled with this low-stress, high profit system that takes almost no time to use!”

Rob B. – Gig  Harbor, Washington



The TMS Trading System is a Proven Way to Make High Trading Profits Quickly and Safely!

“I have been using the TMS Trading System for about three months.  I have been making about $4,300 a month in trading profits making small trades.

“Unlike other systems, this is a complete solution to profitable trades.  The TMS Trading System sets up each trade for you and then tells you exactly when to close each position for maximum profits.”

Max K. – Dallas, Texas


The TMS Trading System Is Revealed In An Easy-to-Follow Manual

“Your trading manual is excellent.  I understand your trading system completely even though I have never tried trading before.

“I have been following the TMS Trader recommendations for a month now.  So far, so good.  I am $6,300 ahead with profits in six out of seven trades.”

Alan R. – Hawthorne, California



Gains of 92% or More Are Easy for TMS Traders!

“You recommended that I buy FFC on April 27, 2009.  I followed the TMS Investment Formula to the ‘T’ and bought this ETF.  My gain on this one trade was 92.42%. 

Ron S. – San Jose, California



Calls the TMS Trader the “Perfect Way to Make Money”

"I believe that this is the strongest profit maker I have ever seen.

 “The TMS Trader is the perfect way to make money.  I had never thought about trading before becoming a TMS Trader.  

“This method is easy-to-use with sky-high profits!”

Mark T. – La Palma, California


Best Trading System Available

“You have the best trading system available today.  Your trades are so timely its almost like you have a crystal ball and can look into the future.”

Duane L. – Palm Bay, Florida



TMS Traders Count on Making Consistent Profits

“I can sum up my experience as a TMS Trader in two words –

“Consistent profits.

“This is the most reliable trading system I have ever used.”

James R. – Anderson, South Carolina



The TMS Trader Finds the Big Moves

“If you like the idea of trend following, the TMS Trader approach is the best.

“This system has a high hit rate at picking markets ready to make big moves.”

Gary A. – Edmonton, Al. Canada



Beginners Have No Trouble Making Money as TMS Traders

“I had never traded before becoming a TMS Trader member.  I have averaged making 31% or higher on the last three trades.

“This is the perfect system for me.  It is simple, profitable and takes almost no time.”

  Phil T. – Tyler, Texas



The TMS Trader Anticipates Major Market Moves and Then Times Its Trades

“I am making a lot of money on your recommendations.  Your timing is really good.  You seem to anticipate big moves up and offer almost perfectly timed sell signals.

“I used to subscribe to three trading services and a couple of newsletters.  I have dropped them all except for the TMS Trader.”

Scott W. – Honolulu, Hawaii



Many Traders Use Their Retirement Accounts For Trading

“I am making a lot of money on your aggressive trades.  I have doubled my retirement account in just eight months following your advice.”

Donald R. – Falls Church, Virginia


Trading Your Retirement Accounts Can Be a Smart Move!

“I want to thank you for providing such an excellent service.  I primarily trade in my retirement accounts and they are up over 27% in just seven months. 

“You can sign me up as a ‘lifetime member.’  Your advice is pure gold.”

Len C. – Yonkers, New York



There Is No Substitute For High-Return, Low-Risk Trading!

“I have never been so relaxed about trading.  Your service consistently provides the best high-return, low-risk trades.” 

Dean K. – Melbourne, Vic. Australia




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