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“Using the TMS Investment Formula is, Without a Doubt, the Smartest Way to Make Money Investing Ever Created.”

With this proven formula, you will be able to make higher profits with less risk, a lower investment, and with greater consistency than any other approach to stock trading, commodities trading or investing you have ever seen!

You are about to discover how you can use this infallible system to change investing from a high risk “craps shoot” into a very reliable and 100% consistent source of profits!  

For example, in 2008, one of the worst years in history for investors, our Conservative Portfolio returned 20.54%.  And, it did so without the jarring ups and downs delivered by 98% of other investment approaches. 

Our Aggressive Portfolio returned a solid 26.98% in 2008 while others saw their portfolios drop by 40%, 50% and even 80%!

On the next few pages I am going to reveal how you can permanently get off the investment roller coaster.

If you are tired of hearing the time worn pitches of stockbrokers and financial advisors, or of the blowhards on TV who know less about making money than average stockbrokers, I have the perfect alternative for you!

If you are frustrated with subscribing to worthless investing newsletters hoping that the editor has some special insights that no one else has, then this time sensitive advice is for you!

If you would like to learn about an advanced system of investing that offers superior results with lower risk than other methods then you must read this report.

“I am convinced that using the TMS Investment Formula is the number one investment system today!


“You recommended that I buy FFC on April 27, 2009.  I followed the TMS Investment Formula to the ‘T’ and bought this ETF.  My gain on this one position for 2009 was 92.42%.  And, this was all from just one trade.”

Ron S. – San Jose, CA



From:  Roger L. Ford 

Dear Friend,

If you are tired of opening your latest 401(k) statement just to see how much you lost, I have a better approach.

If you have been burned time after time following the recommendations of your stockbroker or financial planner, I am going to give you an approach that will leave your broker so far behind that you won’t believe you ever relied on such a poor source of investment advice!

If you are despairing of ever having enough money for your retirement, don’t give up.  Relief is on the way!

If you have listened to the experts who have told you that “buying and holding” is the best way to make money, I hope you realize by now that they offer this advice only because they don’t know what else to do.

I am going to show you a different approach to handling your investments.

You won’t find this perfected investment formula anywhere else.

It is not a variation of “buy and hold” like asset diversification.

It is not something you can read about in Money Magazine or Forbes or Barron’s or the Wall Street Journal.

It is not the Jim Cramer approach of picking some stock using a mixture of whatever it is that he does.

Instead of these or hundreds of other unreliable and failed approaches, I am going to show you a way to earn high returns on your investments year after year.


And safely!

And in the easiest way ever created!

What’s more, you will achieve extraordinarily high returns using a system that is conservative, yet produces higher profits than risky speculative approaches!

If you are thinking that I am going to tell you about day trading or some other frequent trading approach, you would be wrong.

I am going to share with you a new way of investing and trading that is easy to learn, easy to implement and out produces anything else you may have tried.

And, I am going to back up everything I share with you with a solid 100% Guarantee of Performance.  Try getting that from your stockbroker or investment guru!


It Took Over Ten Years to Develop This System and It Was Well Worth the Thousands of Hours It Took Me to Perfect It! 

My name is Roger L. Ford.  I am a CPA and an investor.  I have a background in banking and financial management.  I have studied stock and commodity markets for many years.  I also have designed trading systems.

Meet the Creator of the 
TMS Investment Formula

Roger L. Ford is a CPA, investment expert, and developer of the highly effective TMS Investment Formula used by the TMS Trader.  This formula consistently outperforms stock picking by investing in major markets instead of picking individual stocks!

Roger Ford isn’t a broker, an analyst or a stock market prognosticator.  He’s a CPA with an MBA in accounting and has an extensive banking and financial management background.  He knows how to evaluate markets and he knows business!

For the past nine years he has used his unique combination of business experience and his knowledge of finance and investing to develop a powerful formula that picks the top trending markets, determines the rhythm of each market and then gives exact buy and sell signals that produce outsized returns with low risks.

The TMS Trader has a  track record of outstanding gains that held up even in the 2008 bear market!  Ford’s approach of investing in markets instead of stock picking is a breakthrough proven way to produce large gains even in the worst markets!

I am not your typical stock system developer who uses some computerized trading program for a limited test and then thinks he has discovered a new source of riches.

I am not a stockbroker or registered investment advisor.  I am not going to try to sell you any stocks, ETFs, mutual funds or insurance contracts. 

I am not trying to get your money.

I don’t want to process your trades.

I don’t want to manage your investments.

I don’t want to sell you any securities.

I am not trying to give you financial advice or sell you stocks that will somehow enrich me.

What I am doing is really very straightforward –

I have developed an extraordinarily profitable method of investing that I am going to share with a limited number of investors.  

This is a method so solid that it makes money no matter what the markets are doing!



The TMS Trading Formula Is a Low Stress Way to Achieve High Investment Returns Safely and Consistently.

The TMS Trading Formula is not another high-frequency trading system.

It is not day trading or anything else that requires that you stick close to your computer all day long watching markets.

It is not strictly a stock or commodity trading system since its focus is not on individual stocks or mutual funds but rather on major market moves.

The TMS Trading Formula is a proven, moneymaking system that makes money consistently no matter what stock or bond markets are doing.

It has a track record of profitability going back to 2003.

Let me restate this –

If you had started using this powerful formula in 2003, you would not have had a single losing year with your investments.

I don’t know of any other system that can make this claim and then back it up with 100% documented and proven results.

Most other systems will try to cover up their own dismal performance by making statements such as  “We only lost 19% in 2008, while other investors lost much more.”

This kind of statement doesn’t give me much confidence in their system and it shouldn’t you either.


Forget Day Trading –

If you had started using the TMS Trading Formula in 2003, you would not have had a single losing year!

Moreover, unlike 95% of other investment strategies, this system consistently makes money no matter what the stock market is doing!



Rule Number One is Always Protect Your Capital! 

Millions of investors lost close to $14 trillion in the last two bear markets occurring in the years 2000 to 2001 and 2007 to 2008.

These markets have had devastating effects on the lives of these investors!

Many people will have to work much longer to try to recoup the funds they need for retirement.

Others are becoming resigned to never retiring.

Many of those suffering the greatest losses had listened to their trusted advisors who told them that the best way to make money was to  “buy and hold” stocks and bonds.

Investors  following this advice were just slaughtered by the bear markets.

Every month they dreaded opening their 401(k) statements and seeing how much more they had lost.

Many of these hapless investors were like deer, standing in the middle of highway, frozen in the lights of an oncoming car!

Moreover, the advisors were no better than the investors.  They simply did not know what to do other than to tell their clients to hang on because sometime, somehow, things would get better.

Investors using the TMS Investment Formula not only didn’t lose money in the crash of 2008, but actually made money.

Investing in markets is much safer than trying to pick individual stocks!


Forget About Buying Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds or Bonds – The Major Moves Are Made by Markets.

In my years of studying markets and trying to find the best ways to not only protect capital but actually make money, I tried just about every system ever created for picking individual stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

There are almost as many theories about how to pick stocks as there are listed stocks.

Some investors believe that buying bargain stocks at low prices offers the best chance of making money.

Others choose the opposite strategy and pick high priced stocks that are moving up.

After trying these approaches and just about every other approach available, it finally hit me –

At least 80% of the price movement in stocks or bonds is due to major market moves.  Only about 10% is based on the individual stock’s performance!

Once I realized this concept, I had the key to developing an investment approach that never fails – Trade the Markets and Not the Stocks!



Quit Trying to Pick Stocks –

The smart money is now trading markets.  And, that’s exactly what you will do as a TMS Trader!



The TMS Investment Formula Has Been Called “the Key to Making High Profits With Very Low Risk!”

A little earlier I told you that the foundation of successful trading or investing is to protect your capital.

The strategy that most stockbrokers, financial advisors and investment gurus follow is to buy and hold stocks or mutual funds that they recommend.

You can get the same type of advice every day on the Cable networks business news.

Or in Money Magazine.

Or in Forbes.

You will find lists of recommended buys.  Buy this or buy that.

The stockbrokers and financial advisors are hardly disinterested when they make their recommendations since they earn commissions or fees when you follow their suggestions to buy this and buy that.

I want you to think of one thing for a moment.

Do any of these investment pundits ever tell you when to sell?

They don’t.  And the reason they don’t is that they have no idea how to time their investments.

They operate on the assumption that eventually prices will go up and if you hold on long enough, the passage of time will give you a profit.

I don’t think this is much of a plan, do you?

Once you cut to the chase you will realize that the investment gurus, print media and online investment sites really don’t have a clue about how to pick the best performing markets using the concept of Relative Strength and then match the timing of their investments to the rhythm of each market.

There is only one method that does this.  And, that is the TMS Investment Formula!  


While They Won’t Admit It, Most Experts Are Clueless 
When It Comes to Choosing or Timing Investments!

Most financial advisors’ strategies are to offer you choices of investments that benefit them rather than you.

Even if you believe that your financial advisor is different, you have to ask yourself –

How well did you do in the bear market of 2007 to 2008 following his or her advice?

If you lost a ton of money, then you should read on . . .

Help is on the way!



Invest With Total Confidence Trading Markets and Not Stocks!

The TMS Investment Formula is now available to you!

This is a 100% proven and complete investment system.

It is not a charting service.

It is not a monthly newsletter filled with opinions which may or may not be correct.

It is not a group of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs or other investments that some investment guru recommends for one reason or another.

You can find lists of recommendations every day in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Money Magazine, Forbes, Fortune and hundreds of newsletters.

The TMS Trader is a one-of-a-kind complete investment service.

Because our recommendations need to be delivered in a timely fashion, the TMS Trader, which incorporates the TMS Investment Formula, is available online only. 

We trade only strong trending markets.  This is the investment approach proven to offer high returns in up markets, down markets and everything in between.

Regardless of what the US stock or bond markets are doing, there are always markets in a strong uptrend!

It may be a commodity like copper or coal.

Or, it may be the agribusiness market.

Or, an international market that is red hot like RSX (Russia) was in 2009.  We made 61.11% on one quick investment in this market.

It may be part of the US market, like real estate.

Or, perhaps global oil is on the move.

I remember when gasoline prices hit $4.00 a gallon.  Even though I was paying a higher price at the pump, I couldn’t help but smile at the thousands of dollars I had made using the TMS Investment Formula to trade oil.

But, as a TMS Investor you get a lot more than our mathematically determined strongest trending markets.

Before we make final recommendations, we determine the exact rhythm of the market.  Then using proven algorithms we calculate the best buy and sell points using the Optimum Profit Trend.

We deliver exact buy and sell information to our subscribers by email. 

In addition, our subscribers have 24/7 access to our Investors’ Website which is loaded with information designed to make our subscribers wealthy as TMS Investors!


The TMS Investment Formula is 
Now Available to Individual Investors!

Anyone can give you a list of investment recommendations. 

However, there is only one service that invests in the strongest trending markets and uses Optimum Profit Trends to time every trade.

That is the TMS Trader, the only service to use the top rated TMS Investment Formula!

We are not a charting service or another run-of-the-mill investment advisor.

Instead, we provide a complete approach to investing in the strongest trending markets – the investment approach that leaves all others in the dust.

And, instead of just giving you a list of recommendations, we time every trade – from the timing of the purchase to the best time to sell!

You no longer have to sit on the sidelines wishing you knew the next big market move and how to profit from it.

We do.  And, we will share this knowledge!

Now you can profit along with us!



Five Reasons You Need the TMS Investment Formula’s Proven Market Timing System to Buy Low, Sell High and Produce Consistent Returns!

We don’t try to forecast markets.  You won’t get long-winded expositions or someone’s opinion about what stocks or markets might do.  We don’t invest based on emotion, forecasts or opinions.  Instead we use a mathematically sound formula that identifies the best moving markets and then sets up perfectly timed buy and sell signals.

While stocks may be moving up, down or sideways at any given moment, there are always some markets which are trending up.  For example on March 17, 2009, our system generated a buy signal for IDX, an ETF for the Indonesian market.  On October 20, 2009, we got our sell signal and closed our position in IDX. This single investment produced a gain of a whopping 148.6%!

Here are the steps we take to produce gain after gain like this for our subscribers:

1.  We first identify the strongest markets.  We evaluate the Relative Strength of over 800 ETFs and follow the strongest trending ones.  This step alone puts us ahead of most investment systems.  We invest only  in markets that are strongly trending up!

2. After selecting the strongest trending markets, we determine the rhythm of each market.  We use a mathematically derived formula to determine the Optimum Profit Trend for each market.

3. After we know the Optimum Profit Trend for each market, we are able to generate precise buy and sell signals for each ETF.

4. We send an email to each subscriber with exact buy and sell instructions.

5. We maintain three portfolios for our subscribers.

a.  The Conservative Portfolio is perfect for retired persons or persons preparing to retire.

b. The Moderate Portfolio is slightly more aggressive than the Conservative Portfolio and usually produces higher gains with very little additional risk.

c. The Aggressive Portfolio produces gains which put most hedge funds to shame.  And, it does this without borrowing or selling short, but by using leveraged ETFs when appropriate.

Our subscribers get complete investment instructions.  There is no fuzzy-headed guesswork with the TMS Trader.  As a subscriber you will get up-to-minute buy and sell instructions and have instant access to our Investor’s Web Site where each portfolio is show and all trading signals are recapped.

The TMS Investment Formula is a proven method that outperforms the US stock markets, bond markets and any of the hundreds of stock picking systems.  Each investment is presented with exact instructions.

To make extraordinarily high returns, safely and consistently, our track record proves there is no better investment system than using the TMS Investment Formula!


One Time Offer –  

Try It Before You Buy It!

For the next few days I am making a limited offer. If you order by , you can gain full access to the TMS Trading System for just $9.97!

This price is only good if you order in time. If you order later you’ll have to pay the regular price of $99 per month.

If you act right now, you'll get the Complete TMS Traders Package for just $9.97!

  • You’ll get the Highly Regarded TMS Trading Manual showing you exactly how to pull in huge profits with low-risk trades!

  • You’ll be put on our exclusive TMS Traders members list.  We will send you an email notifying you of every trade!

  • You’ll get our weekly market update and summary of trades for the week.

  • You’ll get access to our Members’ website where complete trade details, profit histories and portfolio options are available.

  • And, you'll get Seven Valuable Bonus Manuals worth $280.00!  These bonuses are yours to keep even if you cancel your membership!

You’ll get it all for a one-time Activation Fee of just $9.97.    Then, if you decide to continue your membership, you will get it at a permanently reduced cost of just $49 per month!

And, you can discontinue your membership at any time!

This kind of offer is unprecedented.  If you act immediately, you’ll gain Full TMS Trader Membership Privileges for less than ten bucks!

However, you must act by .  We may revert to our regular membership cost of $99 a month at any time.  Don’t risk missing this unique opportunity to “Try It Before You Buy It!”  

Activate Your Membership Now!


When you sign up for your RISK-FREE evaluation, you will immediately get all of the Bonus Manuals.  Each of these manuals is instantly downloadable as soon as we process your $9.97 Activation Fee!


Bonus #1 – The ETF Advantage – Why You Should Buy ETFs and Not Mutual Funds (a $40.00 value)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming increasingly popular.  They are becoming the number one investment choice for institutional investors, hedge funds and individual investors looking for a higher investment income.

With the TMS Investment Formula we almost exclusively trade ETFs and never mutual funds.

It’s time you got the full truth about ETFs and mutual funds.

This report gives you the information you need to make the intelligent investor’s choice.

You’ll learn about fees for ETFs versus mutual funds.  If you are still investing in mutual funds, this report will open your eyes about how you are getting gouged by mutual funds.

You’ll learn about the advantages and flexibility of ETFs, like how –  

  • You can trade ETFs in your own brokerage account and not have to deal with fund families. 

  • You can buy or sell an ETF anytime during trading hours unlike mutual funds.  

  • You can buy and sell ETFs at almost no trading cost while mutual funds may charge you significant transaction fees and may even hit you with penalty fees!  

  • You can use leveraged ETFs to multiply your gains by factors of two or even three with no borrowing.  

  • You can use ETFs to short whole markets by buying the ETF.  You can even use this technique in IRAs, 401(k) accounts and other retirement accounts.  

  • You can buy ETFs with no minimum investment while some mutual funds have minimum investments set as high as $50,000!  

  • You can capture high dividend rates with ETFs and buy bonds cheaper than with any mutual fund!

The part we like the best about ETFs is that they are perfect for trading whole markets, whether it be grains, gold or real estate. 

Bonus #2 – If You Could Buy Just One Fund for Income (a $40.00 Value)

How would you like to invest in oil and gas pipelines?

It doesn’t sound very exciting does it?

But, what if I told you that investments in pipelines are one of the safest investments you can make today?

There are several reasons why it makes so much sense to invest in pipelines instead of just investing in natural resources like oil or gas.

Pipeline ownership is usually structured as a Master Limited Partnership.  This structure is granted a special tax status with the provision that it pay out 90% of its income to its investors.  If you are an owner, that means you.

But, it gets even better.  Pipeline companies structured this way pay out nearly all of their cash flow to their investors.  If you are an owner, this is even better for you because these companies pull in cash like crazy.

Unlike oil or gas development companies, pipelines get paid for moving gasoline, crude oil, natural gas or some other petroleum product to markets or refineries.  Here is the critical advantage they have over companies in the oil or gas business –

The pipelines get paid all the time because oil and gas is always being transported by pipeline.

Furthermore, market fluctuations have little effects on the pipeline companies because their income is not tied to oil or gas prices.

This is a little known corner of the market that throws off high predictable income.  I have found the perfect ETF for investing in this highly lucrative but little known cash cow.

You can buy this one ETF and immediately own a piece of the "cream de la cream" of pipeline companies.  We will show you how an investment in this ETF last year would have kicked off a total return of 37.46%. 

Bonus #3 – How to Get Rich Farming and Never Plow a Field! (a $40.00 value)

Agricultural prices are soaring.  The prices of all grains and especially wheat is at an all time high.  In fact, for the first time in history, world wheat production is less than wheat consumption lifting prices higher and higher.   

Forces are in place which are hard to stop.  People in India and China are consuming more grains and grain products as their incomes grow.

And, in the United States, the government sponsored demand for ethanol is driving up corn prices. 

There are many different ways to profit from this trend –

You can buy commodity futures contracts for wheat and corn.

You can buy the stocks in companies which stand to profit from wheat, corn and other products.

Or, you can buy one ETF.

This ETF reflects price changes in the grains much like futures contracts in commodities.

However, it offers all of the advantages and safety of an ETF while futures trading is not only expensive, but very risky.

Following our approach to investing, you would have made 40.81% in the ETF in 2010.

But, there’s yet another angle to making money off soaring grain prices.

And, that’s investing in the companies that profit most from these price increases.  Companies involved in everything from making fertilizers used in farming to making farm equipment are profiting from the boom.

You could try to find the best companies profiting from the agricultural business. 

Or, you could invest in this one ETF specializing in the agricultural business.  If you had used the TMS Investment Formula and invested in this ETF in 2010, you would have pulled in an impressive gain of 40.56%!


Bonus #4 – Ten Secrets Every ETF Investor Should Know! (a $40.00 value)

ETFs are the now the choice vehicle for sophisticated investors.  We use ETFs almost exclusively at the TMS Trader.  Even though you may think you understand ETFs, I can guarantee that you will learn something new and profitable in this highly revealing report.

You’ll learn why ETFs are the preferred way to earn profits from focusing your investments in only the most profitable markets.

You’ll get the truth about the cost advantage ETFs have over mutual funds.

You’ll discover the number one secret for picking the best ETF even when there are two or more similar ETFs.

But, there’s even more –

You’ll discover how to use ETFs as the simple and highly effective way to play the commodities market and pull in outrageous profits!

You’ll also learn a number of secret way ETFS can be used to accomplish highly focused objectives, like –

Using ETFs as a tax planning device, or

Investing in the luxury goods markets using one little known ETF, or

Profiting from corporate spin-offs using one very special ETF.

But, there’s still more.  You’ll learn how to use ETFs to profit from market declines.  If you had used this one technique in the market crash of 2008, you would have earned a fortune while other investors were losing theirs.

Finally, you’ll discover how to use ETFs to diversify your portfolio, easier and safer than you can by buying common stocks or mutual funds.

This report has critical information you must have before you invest one more penny in stocks, mutual funds or ETFs.  It is my gift to you when you try out our Risk Free offer to experience the power of the ETF Investment Formula!

Bonus #5 – Make Ultra High Profits in Oil! (a $40.00 value)

In 2008 oil traded at $147 a barrel before starting its precipitous decline.  Now oil is on the rise again.

Instead of complaining about gasoline costing $4 a gallon or the soaring prices of heating oil, you should get even!

There are a pair of ETFs you need to add to your bag of smart investor tricks.

Each of these ETFs tracks oil and gas prices and then doubles the gains!

One ETF throws off ultra high profits when the price of oil is going up.  If you had invested in this ETF in 2008 or 2010, you would have made a killing.

The other ETF in this amazing pair profits when oil prices decline.  And, it profits at double the rate of the price declines in oil.

You might think of this pair as the Yin and Yang of oil investing.

In 2010 the price of oil from late August through the end of the year was up.  If you had bought the ETF designed to double the profits of upside moves using the TMS Investment Formula, you would have made a return of 75.08% on your investment through  January 31, 2010.

Oil is still going up right now.  But inevitably it will decline, and when it does you will profit on the downside as well by switching from the ETF taking a long position to its sister which profits from price declines.

Once you have the knowledge of this dynamic pair of ETFs, you will look forward to seeing oil prices soar or fall and make ultra-high profits while it happens!


Bonus #6 – Make a Killing in Real Estate Without Owning Any! (a $40.00 value)

While the US housing market is in the doldrums, some real estate investors are cleaning up.

These investors don’t buy houses.

Or apartments.

They don’t buy office buildings.

Or warehouses.

Or land.

These investors have major advantages over individuals who buy property directly.

They don’t have to make a large investment to profit from real estate.

Their investment is totally liquid as compared to real estate which sometimes may take years to sell.

These investors don’t have to worry about renting their properties or managing them like individual landlords do.

They don’t have to deal with tenants who stop paying and then refuse to leave or with midnight calls about stopped up toilets.

These investors are investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). 

With a REIT you can invest in real estate without worrying about dealing with all of the problems of real estate ownership and management.

Investing in a REIT is the smart way to profit from real estate investments.   REITs don’t require any minimum investment and they pay cash dividends like clockwork.

One way to invest in REITs is to start studying them.  You can spend a lot of time looking at prospectuses and setting up spread sheets to compare their performance.

Or, you can profit from REITs doing what I call “one stop REIT investing” with just one ETF.

This ETF holds positions in the top performing REITS in the U.S.  You don’t have to find the top performers because this ETF has them.

Even in this time of falling real estate prices, an investment in this ETF would have paid off handsomely in 2010.  If you had invested in this ETF using our proven investment approach, you would have had a capital gain of 31.18% as of January 31, 2010.  And, on top of that, you would have received cash dividends giving you an additional return of 3.70% on your investment.   Combined, you would have made a very nice return of 34.88% on your real estate investment while individuals owning real estate were pulling out their hair.

Invest in real estate the smart way with this high performance ETF!


Bonus #7 – How to Profit From Red Hot Commodities With One Virtually Unknown Investment! (a $40.00 value)

How would you like to have a crystal ball that told you which commodities to invest in?

You could try to cover them all with investments in oil, natural gas, oil and gas exploration and gold.  To these you would have to add investments in copper, coal, steel, palladium and platinum.  And don’t forget silver and corn and wheat.  And, don’t forget to include soybeans, agriculture and fuel oil.

And, the list goes on.  Yet by investing in all of these commodities all you would be doing is spreading your money around.

There ought to be some way to invest in the top commodities picked by some objective means.

Relax.  A new ETF was launched on August 10, 2010, which does just this.  This ETF invests in 14 futures contracts picked out of a universe of 27 commodity futures using rigorous, quantitative means.  And this selection is rebalanced again every month.

This is not some variation of mutual fund type management.  There is no manager discretion involved.  Instead the holdings use an objective math-based selection process to ensure that the commodity futures are based on performance.

The result?

You can invest in the best of commodities by investing in this one highly rated ETF.  Although this fund has only been trading since August 10, 2010, if you had bought it on that date, through February 3, 2011 you would have made a gain of 36.98%!  There has never been a simpler, easier way to enjoy the hottest commodities than investing in this one extraordinary ETF!



As a TMS Trader you’ll enjoy full money-back privileges.  If you ever decide that you want to stop being one of our enlightened TMS Traders, just send me an email and we will never charge your credit card again.

You can give the TMS Trader a workout knowing that you can stop this service at any time.  If you don’t make more money than you ever have before, if you are not 100% delighted with the substantial gains you make investing in markets or if you are unhappy for any reason, just send me an email and we will immediately process your request to terminate our service.



Start Profiting Immediately!

From the moment you activate this service, you will gain the immediate benefits of becoming an TMS Trader.

This system doesn’t require much money to put to work.  We have clients just starting with a few hundred dollars to super stars investing over $1 million.

TMS Trading is completely automatic.  You will never have to interpret charts or choose from a whole slew of options.  We will give you completely clear information on when to buy or sell your investments.

TMS Trading offers you a choice of model portfolios with complete information on each portfolio. 

To gain the full benefits of the TMS Investment Formula all you have to do is follow our instructions on each trade. 

I urge you to become a TMS Trader before we have to close this Special Offer. 


Get Started as a TMS Investor in the Next Five Minutes!

All of our content is 100% web delivered.  As soon as we receive your “Okay” you will be given immediate access to the bonus books.  In addition, you will receive your own password which you can use to access our Investors’ Web Site.

However, you must act now.  Only by acting now can you guarantee full TMS Trader privileges at the special reduced monthly price!

Yours for becoming another highly satisfied TMS Trader,  

Roger L Ford  MBA, CPA

P.S  I am so sure that you will agree that trading markets not stocks as a TMS Trader is absolutely the best investment system available that I will stand behind it with my personal money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my system, simply notify me and your account will no longer be charged.

P.P.S.  Are you ready to supercharge your investment returns?  If you are not making returns of 30%, 40% and 50% in trade after trade, you need to make a change.   

As a TMS Trader you will be using a tested and 100% proven, quantitatively based strategy that never fails.

With our unique approach to investing, you will always find the best investments regardless of what stock markets, bond markets or real estate is doing.   

And, we never offer lists of possibilities you should check out or other vague or general advice like other investment services.  Every one of our specified investments comes with exact instructions on when to buy and when to sell.

There has never been an easier way to use the power of trading markets to produce returns that others can only dream of.  

Activate your Risk-Free Trial now!




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