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My name is Roger L. Ford.  I am a CPA and an investor.  I have a background in banking and financial management.  I have studied stock and commodity markets for many years.  I also have designed trading systems.

Meet the Creator of the 
TMS Investment Formula

Roger L. Ford is a CPA, investment expert, and developer of the highly effective TMS Investment Formula used by the TMS Trader.  This formula consistently outperforms stock picking by investing in major markets instead of picking individual stocks!

Roger Ford isnít a broker, an analyst or a stock market prognosticator.  Heís a CPA with an MBA in accounting and has an extensive banking and financial management background.  He knows how to evaluate markets and he knows business!

For the past eight years he has used his unique combination of business experience and his knowledge of finance and investing to develop a powerful formula that picks the top trending markets, determines the rhythm of each market and then gives exact buy and sell signals that produce outsized returns with low risks.

The TMS Trader has a  track record of outstanding gains that held up even in the 2008 bear market!  Fordís approach of investing in markets instead of stock picking is a breakthrough proven way to produce large gains even in the worst markets!

I am not your typical stock system developer who uses some computerized trading program for a limited test and then thinks he has discovered a new source of riches.

I am not a stockbroker or registered investment advisor.  I am not going to try to sell you any stocks, ETFs, mutual funds or insurance contracts. 

I am not trying to get your money.

I donít want to process your trades.

I donít want to manage your investments.

I donít want to sell you any securities.

I am not trying to give you financial advice or sell you stocks that will somehow enrich me.

What I am doing is really very straightforward Ė

I have developed a highly effective method of investing that I am going to share with a limited number of investors.  This is a method so solid that it makes money no matter what the markets are doing!





The TMS Trader only invests in the strongest markets.  Instead of trying to pick individual stocks or mutual funds, we use exchange traded funds (ETFs) as our investment vehicles to invest in major market moves.

We time our trades using a trade-timing system noted for giving very accurate buy and sell signals.

As a result, the TMS Trading approach makes money in all markets.  In fact, we made sizable gains even in the great bear market of 2008!

If you need to contact us we will answer your questions, usually within one day.  Just send us an email here.

I also suggest you check the FAQ page as you may find your answer there.  

Yours for discovering how to consistently pull in outsized investment profits,

Roger L. Ford, MBA, CPA  


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