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Frequently Asked Questions About the TMS Trader


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What exactly is the TMS Trader?

The TMS Trader is a perfected trading strategy.  Our primary focus is on trading markets and we generally use ETFs to accomplish this.

We furnish complete information on each trade including when to buy and when to sell.

As a member you will have complete access to the TMS Traders members site.  Here you will be able to access complete information about each trade and review our complete trade history.

As a member you will be notified by email whenever you need to make a trade.

The TMS Trader is so powerful that that it has not had a losing year since inception!


You like to trade markets instead of stocks or mutual funds.  How do you select the markets to trade?

ETFs represent the best vehicles for trading markets.  For example, if we determine that gold is making new highs we can evaluate several ETFs created that follow the gold market.

Likewise, if a country starts to outperform other markets or a segment of the US market is in a strong uptrend, we can find the best ETF to match that market. 

Using this approach, we can trade whole markets ranging from stock and bond indexes to currencies, commodities, industries, sectors and countries. 


How do you pick your trades?

We screen almost 800 ETFs every day.  We are looking for the strongest performing ETFs.  However, strength is not the only factor we consider.

Before we decide to trade an ETF representing a market, we need a Buy Trigger.  We use a proprietary Buy Trigger that provides the best entry signals.

As a member you will be presented with the most timely trades with exact instructions on when to set up each trade.


How is the timing of trades determined?

The TMS Trading Formula uses a perfected trade-timing model that gives as close to perfect buy and sell signals as is possible.

The model has been back-tested on stock market data going back one hundred years.  And it has been used for real trades since 2003!

Our track record proves that our trade-timing model consistently produces profitable, winning trades!


How often do you trade?

The TMS Trader is not a frequent trading system.  We average making from two to seven trades a week.  As a member you will be notified by email of each trade.  In addition, trades are shown on the TMS Traders Member Site.


How much time will I have to spend each week to follow your recommendations?

It takes about 30 minutes a week to manage your trades.

We will send you an email notifying you when you need to make a trade.  We notify you only when you need to take some action. You will never have to spend your time glued to your computer watching your trades.

However, if you get in the mood to dig deeper we provide a wealth of information on our Members Site.  For example, you will be able to review the performance of each portfolio.  You will also be able to review previous buy and sell signals for each of the portfolios.  We will also show you how to set and monitor your portfolios and how to enter trades.   We will also give you detailed information on online brokers.


Do you group trades by risk?  If so, how do you do this?

We divide our trades into three different portfolios rated for risk.  The Conservative Portfolio is the least risky while the Aggressive Portfolio takes the higher risk trades.

As a member, you can pick your own trades.  You do not have to limit your trades to one portfolio. The portfolio groupings are to help you select your trades.


What is the difference between your portfolios?

Our Conservative Portfolio is for investors who are investing for a shorter time period.  This portfolio is the least volatile and is the choice of many retirees.  However, just because it is conservative doesnít mean it is limited to low returns.  Our Conservative Portfolio has thrown off returns of twenty percent or more per year!

Our Moderate Portfolio is more aggressive than the Conservative Portfolio.  It produces higher gains with very little additional risk.  In 2010, a tough year by many standards, our Moderate Portfolio returned 23.64%.

The Aggressive Portfolio throws off hedge fund like returns.  And, it does this without borrowing or selling short.  In fact, you can use the trades in this portfolio in your retirement accounts.  We achieve higher returns by using leveraged ETFs when appropriate, or using inverse return ETFs which profit when markets decline.  In 2010 our Aggressive Portfolio returned an impressive 51.15%!


How do I determine which portfolio is best for me?

While the choice of how you trade is up to you, we provide you with lots of information on our Members Site.

You will be able to see how each portfolio performed from 2003 to the present.

We will also show you how to get started using the TMS rading Formula and how to maintain your portfolio.

As a TMS Trader youíll get a complete trading instructions using a system that has never failed to provide yearly profits!


Can I mix the recommendations from different portfolios?

You can easily set up your own custom portfolio using our recommendations.  The only caution here is not to trade two different ETFs which cover the same market. For example, we might invest in silver using a more conservative ETF in our Conservative Portfolio and use an Ultra-ETF for our Aggressive Portfolio.  If you decide to create your own portfolio, just be sure not to set up two trades in silver.


How will I know that I need to make a trade?

We will notify you by email whenever we have a buy or sell recommendation.  We will identify each recommendation by its portfolio as well as by giving you specific instructions.

For example, on September 13, 2010, you would have been notified as follows:

Moderate Portfolio:  Buy FAA (Guggenheim Airline) on 9/14/10.  Size equal to ten percent of your total portfolio.  Enter Market Buy Order for the next day.


How do I get access to the Members Site?

As soon as you become a member you will be given a logon and password to the Members Site. You will be taken to a web page with complete instructions.  We will also send you an email giving you complete membership information.


How do I get started using the portfolios?

The TMS Trader member web site has information about how to determine which portfolio is right for you and how to set it up. 

If you have any questions not answered by the Members Site just send us an email and we will try to help you.


How much money do I need to use your system?

In contrast to what you may have read, you donít have to have $500,000 to be successful trading. 

You can be successful with as little as $500 starting capital. There is no reason you canít be successful and start building your portfolio profits with a small account. 

Since all of our portfolios are suitable for retirement accounts, you can trade using IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs and other types of retirement accounts.

We recommend that you use an online broker.  We will furnish you with information about online brokers on the Members Site


I am really a beginner.  Is your system strictly for experienced traders?

Our members include brokers and investment advisors as well as 25-year olds just starting to trade.

You donít need any trading experience to be successful using our system.

We give clear instructions for each trade. 

You donít have to read charts or learn about technical indicators.

You donít have to read a 300-page manual to get started.

You donít have to study markets, read reports or track securities.

To be a successful TMS Trader all you have to do is follow our recommendations which are clear and straightforward.


I have tried other trading programs and I have been really disappointed.  They are either very complicated to use or overwhelm me with all of the possible trades.  Why is your program different?

Unlike other programs, we donít bury you in information and recommendations.  We donít give you a  list of "trades of the week" and expect you to pick something good.

The TMS Trader is not a graphing program and we donít expect you to interpret elaborate graphs or lists of securities.

We arenít going to generate fifteen different technical indicators and then expect you to figure out how to use them.

We will give you clear recommendations in English, written so that anyone can follow them.  For example, if we told you to ďbuy SLV tomorrow at the market priceĒ thatís very clear.

A critical part of our approach to trading is that we donít just throw out a list of recommendations.  Instead we give you complete advice on each trade including when to buy it as well as when to sell it.

As a result, you donít need to be a technical analyst to follow our recommendations.  Beginners do just as well as professionals.


How does your guarantee work?

Our Guarantee is very simple.  As a TMS Trader you can cancel your membership at any time.  All you have to do is send us an email and tell us to stop your membership.  We will never charge your credit card again.

As soon as you activate your membership you will have Full Membership Privileges.  You will get the TMS Traders Manual, The Quick Start Guide and full access to the TMS Trader Members Site. 

And, you will get Seven Bonuses Worth $280.00 that are yours to keep if you cancel your membership.

All of the books are in downloadable form so that you can get started immediately.

Since our site is web-based you will have complete access 24/7.


Why is your program different from the dozens of others which claim to be profitable?

Letís start with the premise that we trade markets not stocks.  This gives us a focus that other trading or investment systems donít have. 

We screen markets looking for the strongest trending markets and update our analysis continuously.

After we identify the strongest markets, then trade the ETFs that best represent these markets. 

Then we monitor our trades using a unique trade-timing model that produces perfectly timely buy and sell signals.

Why are we different?  You can see that we have a whole program finely tuned to produce profits based on a scientifically proven approach. 

Look at the results.  None of our portfolios has had a losing year since we started this trading system in 2003. 


Is this a charting program?  I have tried others and they are just too complicated.

The TMS Trader is not a charting program.

You wonít have to interpret charts, learn technical analysis, or read long lists of recommendations trying to pick the right one.

Our recommendations are clear.  You wonít need any skills in chart reading, technical trading or any kind of background in investing or trading to become a high-profit trader!

If you can read this report then you will be able to easily follow our trade recommendations.


I want a program that tells me in plain English how to trade.  Does the TMS Trader do that?

We are very clear in our recommendations.

First we give specific recommendations rather than furnishing a list of possibilities or a hot stock of the day.

Our recommendations are clearly stated.  We donít ask you to interpret a chart or a series of blinking lights.  We give you specific guidance.

Our trades are divided into Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive Portfolios so that you can pick the portfolio that best matches your needs.

Each trade comes with specific buy and sell signal. 

Instead of offering hundreds of trades and asking you to choose which trade to make we only offer a few carefully selected and completely evaluated trades. 

We offer a realistic, time-tested, real-world program rather than one that just spits out recommendations with little follow up.  We believe that you will appreciate the difference!


I am willing to give the TMS Trader a chance.  What do I do if I donít like it?

If you donít like our program just send us an email.  Your membership will be cancelled immediately and we will never charge your credit card again. 

Even if you cancel your membership, you can keep the Seven Bonus Reports, worth $280. 

However, we are confident that once you become a TMS Trader, you wonít want to give up your membership for any amount of money!


I donít have an online broker.  Do you have any recommendations?

If you donít have an online broker yet our Members Site has several recommendations.  I even tell you where I place my own trades.


I am a beginner when it comes to trading.  Will I have to read other books, take courses or study to use your program?

Our system is very straightforward.  To be successful, you will need an online broker and a deposit to set up your account.

You will need to decide which of our portfolios Ė conservative, moderate or aggressive Ė best suits your needs.

Then all you have to do is follow our clear recommendations.  This is not a complicated system.  Instead, it is an easy-to-follow proven system that consistently outperforms other systems.


How do I know that the TMS Trading Formula really works?

We believe that ďseeing is believing.Ē  Thatís why we are offering you the chance to try out the TMS Trader virtually Risk Free. 

You can review our past results in detail.

You will see our exact trades presented exactly as they were given.

This is not a ďblack boxĒ system where we claim to deliver high-performance while hiding what we actually do. 

You will be able to review our complete records.

You will be able to follow our new recommendations.

If you like, you can ďpaper tradeĒ without risking any money before you try the system.

We are confident that, once you experience how reliable our system, is that you will want to remain a TMS Trader for life!


I donít know anything about ETFs?  Will you explain them to me?

While ETFs are a type of fund, they are very different from mutual funds.

While most mutual funds are actively managed, ETFs usually represent the performance on an index, a commodity, a market segment or a country.  They are not actively managed since their goal is to represent a particular market. 

Since ETFs are ďmarket focusedĒ they are ideal trading vehicles for TMS Traders who know that the key to making consistent profits is to trade markets rather than trying to pick individual stocks or mutual funds.

ETFs trade like stocks.  You can buy or sell them in your brokerage account.  Unlike mutual funds, which can only be redeemed at the closing price for the day, ETFs can be bought or sold at any time.

While many mutual funds have minimum investments, ETFs donít.

You can sell ETFs short like stocks.

You can buy leveraged ETFs which can produce large gains in rapidly moving markets.

ETFs have many more advantages.  You will learn much more about them in two of the Bonus Manuals you will get with your Membership Ė

The ETF Advantage Ė Why You Should Buy ETFs and Not Mutual Funds and 
10 Secrets Every ETF Investor Should Know!


I am interested in improving the returns in my retirement accounts.  Will your methods work there?

Yes.  You can use any of our portfolios in your retirement accounts.  You can even use our Aggressive Portfolio which utilizes leveraged ETFS and makes money from market declines using ETFs which are inversely correlated to their indexes or markets.

While we donít use leverage or sell securities short, both of which activities are prohibited in retirement accounts, we achieve similar results using ETFs.


I need to make money quickly.  Is there a way to safely trade more aggressively in my retirement accounts?

First you need to recognize that shooting for higher returns always entails taking some additional risk.

That said, if you decide that you can tolerate the risk, you can trade using the Aggressive Portfolioís recommendations, all of which quality for retirement accounts.

You may also decide to use a mixture, investing a portion of your retirement account in the Aggressive and Moderate Portfolios as well as the Conservative Portfolio.



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