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Gain the Edge! 
Trade Markets, 
Not Stocks!

"The TMS Trader is nothing short of revolutionary.  It uses an extraordinarily accurate trading formula to produce consistently high profits with low risk!"



The TMS Trading Formula is a breakthrough new way of trading that produces higher profits with lower risk than any other trading system!

It Is Based on The Revolutionary New Concept of Trading Markets, Not Stocks!

It is fast, accurate and produces the most consistent trading profits you will ever see!

If you are ready to discover an extraordinary way of making money quickly that is 100% proven to work and is a snap to use, please read on . . . 


Did You Make Money Last Month?

We did using a strategy that 
never fails to find profitable trades!  


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Dear Friend,

We live in turbulent times.  It is extremely difficult to make money investing or trading the current markets.

Financial planners have dug themselves huge holes with their outdated asset allocation models.

Most trading systems get crushed as the markets bounce up and down!

If you are frustrated with trying to make money with outdated trading and investment models, I have some wonderful news for you!

There is a new way of trading that leaves all of the old models in its dust.  It has been a closely guarded secret for years but is currently being released on a limited basis.

Now you have a chance to become a TMS Trader – and make consistently high profits trading markets instead of stocks!

In the next few pages I am going to tell you about a revolutionary new trading strategy that finds the most profitable trades in any market and then pulls in consistent profits trade after trade using what has been called “the best timing and trading system ever created.”

Ten Minutes A Day Is All It Takes!

“I am very impressed with the performance of the TMS Trading System.

“I spend no more than ten minutes a day reviewing my trades and entering new orders if necessary.   That’s all it takes to bring in higher returns than any other system.

“To say I am delighted doesn’t cut it.  I am totally thrilled with this low-stress, high profit system that takes almost no time to use!”

Rob B. Gig  Harbor, Washington



The TMS Trading System Is Based on Applying Timeless Principles in a Unique New Way.  As A Result, It Pulls In High Trading Profits No Matter What the Stock Market Is Doing!

When you use the TMS Trader you will be using a proven system that pulls in profits trade after trade!

This is a 100% tested and perfected trading system that –

  • You can use to pull in consistent trading profits even if you have never traded before.

  • Won’t take you longer than ten minutes a day to set up and use.

  • You can use without having to be glued to your computer monitor like other trading systems.

  • You can use flawlessly –even if you have never traded before!


The TMS Trading System is a Proven Way to Make High Trading Profits Quickly and Safely!

“I have been using the TMS Trading System for about three months.  I have been making about $4,300 a month in trading profits making small trades.

“Unlike other systems, this is a complete solution to profitable trades.  The TMS Trading System sets up each trade for you and then tells you exactly when to close each position for maximum profits.”

Max K. – Dallas, Texas



The TMS Trading Formula Is a Rock Solid Way to Make Money Trading!

The TMS Trading Formula is based on trading markets rather than individual stocks.

Its approach is fairly straight forward –

It identifies the strongest trending markets.

Then it finds the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that best matches that market.

It uses a time-tested system to time trade entries and exits.

Then it creates buy and sell signals to optimize profits on each trade.

The result?

The TMS Trading Formula makes profits in every kind of market.  With the TMS Trader it doesn’t matter what the US stock, bond or commodity markets are doing.  It doesn’t matter when international equity or currency markets are up or down!  It finds the most profitable trades and then makes high profits in any market conditions!



A Track Record of Consistently High Profits 
From 2003 to the Present!

The TMS Trading Formula has pulled in reliable high trading profits since 2003!  It has logged consistent trading profits year after year –even in the catastrophic markets of 2007 to 2008!

It is a unique system based on trading only the strongest markets. 

Then it uses a trade timing formula proven to be the best in scientifically conducted testing going back one hundred years!

It is unique, powerful and focused.

Up to now there have only been a few traders who have been allowed access to the TMS Trading Formula. 

We have decided to offer a membership service which is restricted and limited.

Right now we have a few memberships available.  When they are filled we will stop accepting new members and only allow new members to join us when space becomes available.

The time to start making consistently high profits as a TMS Trader is now!

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With the TMS Trading Formula You Don’t Need to Time Markets

There is a noisy debate going on amongst market pundits.  Some believe that you can time markets to improve trading performance.  Others believe that it is impossible to predict the direction a market might take and that you should divide your investment into different asset groups so that you can ride out market ups and downs.

Which side is right?  As a TMS Trader you won’t care. Here’s why 

The TMS Trading Formula is based on trading the strongest markets at any point in time.  Timing the total market is really not relevant because we trade only the strongest current markets..

We let the markets do their own timing!  It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks they might do, it is what they actually do that matters.

As TMS Traders we don’t spend any time worrying about whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average is going up or down. 

For us it doesn’t matter.  Whatever the DJIA is doing we will be trading the strongest performing markets at that time.

If you believe that dividing your money into arbitrary market segments is going to protect you against market ups and downs then you don’t need the TMS Trader.  You can hand over your savings to just about any financial advisor who will divide up your life savings based on the latest investment fad.  You can then hope for the best!

However, if you are ready to gain the full power of trading markets then please read on.

You are about to discover the most powerful, consistent high-profit trading system ever created!


The TMS Trading System Is 
Revealed In An Easy-to-Follow Manual

“Your trading manual is excellent.  I understand your trading system completely even though I have never tried trading before.

“I have been following the TMS Trader recommendations for a month now.  So far, so good.  I am $6,300 ahead with profits in six out of seven trades.”

Alan R. – Hawthorne, California



Why We Trade Markets Instead of Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Here’s a fact that investment and financial advisors won’t tell you –

Picking individual stocks as investments is like betting on the tail to lead the dog.

Stocks are just small players in a sea of market activity.

About ten percent of the movement in stock prices is explained by the characteristics and attributes of individual stocks.

And, 80% of a stock’s movement is due to market movements.

The next time someone tells you about a stock you should buy, your first question should be, “What market is it in?”

You’ll probably get a blank stare.  Your second question should be, “How is this market doing?”

Bad stocks make new highs when their market is trending up.  And good stocks are taken down when their markets slump.

Since this is true, wouldn’t it make more sense to look for the strongest markets before even thinking about individual stocks?

That’s our approach   We look to see which way the dog is headed and then we grab the tail and go along for the ride.


Gains of 92% or More Are Easy for TMS Traders!

“You recommended that I buy FFC on April 27, 2009.  I followed the TMS Investment Formula to the ‘T’ and bought this ETF.  My gain on this one trade was 92.42%. 

Ron S. – San Jose, California



The Power of Using ETFs to Trade Markets!

Once you recognize that the big moves are led by markets and not stocks then you will have discovered a major part of the secret of high-profit trading!

Exchange Traded Funds are the best way to trade markets.  ETFs are designed to mimic markets.  Therefore, you can use trades in ETFs to represent the strongest performing markets.

There are ETFs for every segment of US markets.  If regional banks are in a clear uptrend, you can trade an ETF representing this market.

If copper is going up as well as the Swiss Franc, there are ETFs for these markets.

There are currently over 1,000 different ETFs.  It is now possible to find an ETF for every market from Chinese Small Caps to a basket of precious metals!


ETFs are the Perfect Way to Trade Markets

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the ideal investment vehicles to trade markets instead of stocks.

It doesn’t matter whether the market is Hong Kong Stocks, Gold, Sugar or 20-Year Treasury Bonds. The TMS Trading Formula matches the best ETF to the strongest performing markets and then sets up profitable trades.


We Find The Markets Ready To Make Explosive Gains!

The first step to the highly successful TMS Trading Formula is to find markets that are ready to make large gains quickly.

We have developed an approach that is better than any other method at finding markets ready to make big moves.

We combine several time-proven techniques to find markets with the highest potential gains –

We use a proprietary relative strength formula to screen markets looking for the strongest markets.  This process eliminates most markets as potential trades.  Simply put, we are looking to set up trades in markets that are stronger than other markets.

After finding the very strongest markets, we use Special Timing Triggers to give us Buy and Sell signals.

Combined, these proven strategies produce the TMS Trading Formula – the proven high-performance trading strategy!


Who Am I And What Qualifies 
Me to Make These Claims?

My name is Roger Ford.  I am a CPA and an investor and a trader.  I’ve developed what I believe is the easiest-to-use, yet most effective trading method ever created!

I’ve been trading since 1982.

I’ve tested all of the major charting programs available to traders and investors.

I have used proprietary trading systems.

I have a library of about 250 books on trading and investing.

I have attended many weekend trading seminars.

I started out trading when the only way you could trade was through a broker where you had to call in each trade.

I have used the most modern real-time online trading platforms.

You might say that I “eat, sleep and think” trading every waking minute!

I am telling you this because I want you to know that I am not some self-proclaimed trading guru.

I have paid my dues in the real world where every mistake cost me money and where success was often as elusive as finding the Golden Fleece or the fountain of youth.


Live Life on Your Own Terms!
Be a Successful Trader!

Once you discover the secrets behind trading successfully, you will find that your life will change completely!

As a TMS Trader you will be able to take money out of the markets whenever you need to.  One of our traders said it is like owning your own personal ATM with no limits!

Even if you are a beginner you can master this method in about an hour!

Every day presents new opportunities to not only make money, but to enjoy your family and friends and experience life the way you have always wanted to.

I live on the Monterey Peninsula in California in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

I also have a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I spend my time traveling and enjoying life to the fullest!


It’s Your Turn Now!

After sharing this method with just a few of my closest friends and associates, I have decided to make this method available to a few more trader/investors for the first time.

I’ll never stop trading because it is in my blood.  However, having passed my 60th birthday a couple of years ago, I decided to share the TMS Trader with others who may have been just as frustrated as I was before I discovered the TMS Trading Formula.

Sharing the TMS Trader with you is my way of giving something back and at the same time breaking the information cartel for those who won’t tell the truth about trading and who continue to line their pockets at others’ expense.

Once you become a TMS Trader you will hold the key to success in your hands.   I know you will never look back!




A Powerful Screening Process That Never Fails to Find the Top Performing Markets

We use a time-tested 100% proven system to find the strongest markets.  This is critical to your trading success.  By limiting your trades to the very best performing markets you’ll be ahead of 99% of other traders!

With the TMS Trading Formula, we only trade the best qualified markets. 

And, our performance leaves other trading systems far behind!

Another Successful TMS Trader . . .

One of my students, Mark T., says:

"I believe that this is the strongest profit maker I have ever seen

 “The TMS Trader is the perfect way to make money.  I had never thought about trading before becoming a TMS Trader. 

“This method is easy-to-use with sky-high profits!”



We Time Trades Using the Most Accurate Trade Signaling System Ever Created!

Trading only the top performing markets is the key to consistently profitable trading.  However, to maximize profits each trade has to be carefully timed.

The TMS Trading Formula uses a timing model that beats every other timing model.  It gives as close to perfect buy and sell signals as is possible.


With the TMS Trader, You Will Trade Top Performing Markets Using the Best Performing Timing System Ever! 

The TMS Trader is not another run of the mill trading system.

It is not a charting system.

It is not another “Red Light/Green Light System that generates hundreds of theoretical trades totally ignoring the markets they are in!

With the TMS Trader you will only trade markets qualified to be top performers. Limiting your trades to these Qualified Markets will put you ahead of 99% of all traders!

The TMS Trader is not a collection of useless indicators that shows you what happened in the past but is of no use in planning future trades.

With the TMS Trader we generate only a small number of carefully timed trades.

Each trade is in a qualified market, selected for its high profit potential.

The timing of each trade is determined by our unique time-tested high-performance timing system.


The TMS Trader’s Proven 
High-Performance Trading Solution

The TMS Trader delivers each trade through a special web site for TMS Traders.  You won’t have to install software, read charts, interpret red and green dots, or plow through dozens of recommendations to find our top performing trades!

With the TMS Trader you will get only the premium trades.  These are the trades that you will take to make large gains consistently and reliably!

Knowing when to end a trade my have a greater bearing on your success than when to set it up!

The TMS Trader gives clear signals on when to start and end each trade.  There is no guesswork at all with this system since each signal is given in clear, understandable terms – no blinking lights, just clear instructions!


Trade With Total Confidence Using This Perfected and Proven Trading System!

The TMS Trader has been restricted to just a few of my closest associates for many years.  Now, I have decided to share it with a few more trader/investors!

This is a 100% proven and complete trading system!

It is not another charting service.

It is not a newsletter filled with opinions which may or may not be of any use.

It is not a timing service.

It is not another red light-green light system!

It is not a group of recommendations to buy stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, Forex trades, futures or other securities picked by some so-called investment guru!

The TMS Trader is a one-of-a-kind program that only selects trades in Qualified Markets.

Then each trade is delivered with exact timing instructions.

As a TMS Trader you will know exactly when to enter and exit each trade.

As a TMS Trader you will access our special traders site.  You will be able to review every trade.

Plus, we will notify you of every trade by email.

As a TMS Trader you will get complete access to the insiders’ information that is turning many of our traders into millionaires!

As a TMS Trader You Will Eliminate 
the Stress of High-Risk Trades!

Have you ever been so stressed over your trades that you had trouble focusing during the day while you tossed and turned at night?

Once you become a TMS Trader, you too will enjoy what it is like to be in low-risk/high-reward trades.

You won’t have to worry about when to enter a trade or when to sell.  As a TMS Trader you will have access to the time tested TMS Trading Formula which produces consistent profits without fail!

One of our traders said -  “This is the most relaxed I have ever been while trading.  Instead of worrying about every trade I let the system take care of it.” 



I’m Ready To Enjoy Low Stress Trading!


With the TMS Trader, There Is No More Guessing!

No more reading newsletters!

No more watching television and online business news sites looking for trading clues!

No more need for multiple tools and installing complicated software!

No more spending all day tied to your computer!

As a TMS Trader, you’ll gain freedom and piece of mind knowing that you are using a system that produces profits consistently and reliably!


Forget Day Trading –

If you had started using the TMS Trading Formula in 2003, you would not have had a single losing year!

Moreover, unlike 95% of other investment strategies, this system consistently makes money no matter what the stock market is doing!



The TMS Trader is So Good That One Trader Said It Is Like Magic!

However, the TMS Trading Strategy is not magic.  Instead it is a tested, scientifically based strategy that combines investing in only the top performing markets with what has been called “the ultimate high-profit trading system.


The TMS Trading Strategy is the next best thing to having a magic system.  It is the only strategy that combines the proven power of trading Qualified Markets with our unique top-ranked timing system!


Here Is a Sample of Just a Few of the 
Profitable Trades TMS Traders Have Made

We bought JJC (iPath Dow Jones Copper ETF) on March 11, 2009, at $23.08.  We closed the trade on February 1, 2010, selling at $42.38 per share for a gain of 83.62%!

On March 20, 2009, our traders bought KOL (Market Vectors Coal ETF) at a price of $14.37 a share.  We sold it on January 26, 2010, for a gain of 143.63%!

Here’s another typical trade –

We bought ROM (ProShares Ultra Technology ETF) on April 1, 2009, paying $21.85 a share.  We closed this position on February 2, 2010, at $45.60 a share, a gain of 108.70%!

On August 30, 2010, TMS Traders bought AGQ (ProShares Ultra Silver ETF) at $60.66 a share.  On April 27, 2011, AGQ closed at $320.29 a gain of 427.8%.  If you had invested $1,000 in this trade you would have made a gain of $3,278!

On July 12, 2010, we bought BAL (iPath Dow Jones Cotton ETF) at $38.69.  We closed our position on April 4, 2011, at $101.00 for a gain of 161.05%!

Do you see a pattern here?  By screening our markets before we buy and then using our perfected timing system to time our trades, we are pulling outsized gains out of trade after trade!

Here’s another example of a profitable TMS Trader trade – 

On August 3, 2010, TMS Traders bought DAG (DB Agricultural Double Long ETF) at $6.97 a share.  We closed this position on April 4, 2011, selling at $15.66 for a gain of 124.47% on this trade!

As a TMS Trader you will experience a high percentage of profitable trades like the ones shown here!




Just One Profitable Trade Per Month Pays For The Entire Cost of Membership . . .

There is no doubt that the TMS Trader is . . .

The most effective and powerful strategy available to make high-profit, low-risk, wealth building trades!

This strategy will deliver for you even if you don’t know a thing about trading or have struggled to make a profit trading!

What you’ll pay for membership compared to what you’ll gain is like a drop in the bucket!

One profitable trade a month could easily pay for the cost of the low monthly membership and more!

If your experience is anything like our current members, you’ll rapidly build a fortune as a TMS Trader!

Our Qualified Market Approach to Trading 
Makes All Stock Picking Systems Obsolete!

We consistently find the top performing markets without any guesswork, tealeaf reading or having to interpret hundreds of charts.

Our perfected Qualified Market Screening quickly and accurately pinpoints the strongest performing markets in a scientifically proven manner.   As a result we are ahead of 95% of the other traders who are still focusing on stocks and not markets!



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One Time Offer –  

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When You Sign Up For Your RISK-FREE Evaluation, You Will Immediately Get All of The Bonus Manuals.  Each of these manuals is instantly downloadable as soon as we process your $9.97 Activation Fee!

Bonus #1 –
The ETF Advantage – Why You Should Buy ETFs and Not Mutual Funds (a $40.00 value)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming increasingly popular.  They are becoming the number one investment choice for institutional investors, hedge funds and individual investors looking for a higher investment income.

With the TMS Investment Formula, we almost exclusively trade ETFs and never stocks or mutual funds.

It’s time you got the full truth about ETFs and mutual funds.

This report gives you the information you need to make the intelligent investor’s choice.

You’ll learn about fees for ETFs versus mutual funds.  If you are still investing in mutual funds this report will open your eyes about how you are getting gouged!

You’ll learn about the advantages and flexibility of ETFs, like how –

  •  You can trade ETFs in your own brokerage account and not have to deal with fund families. 

  • You can buy or sell an ETF anytime during trading hours unlike mutual funds. 

  • You can buy and sell ETFs at almost no trading cost while mutual funds may charge you significant transaction fees and may even hit you with penalty fees!   

  • You can use leveraged ETFs to multiply your gains by factors of two or even three with no borrowing. 

  • You can use ETFs to short whole markets by buying the ETF.  You can even use this technique in IRAs, 401(k) accounts and other retirement accounts. 

  • You can buy ETFs with no minimum investment while some mutual funds have minimum investments set as high as $50,000!  

  • You can capture high dividend rates with ETFs and buy bonds cheaper than with any mutual fund!  

The part we like the best about ETFs is that they are perfect for trading whole markets, whether it be grains, gold or real estate.

Bonus #2 –  If You Could Buy Just One Fund for Income (a $40.00 Value)

How would you like to invest in oil and gas pipelines?

It doesn’t sound very exciting does it?

But, what if I told you that investments in pipelines are one of the safest investments you can make today?

There are several reasons why it makes so much sense to invest in pipelines instead of just investing in natural resources like oil or gas.

Pipeline ownership is usually structured as a Master Limited Partnership.  This structure is granted a special tax status with the provision that it pay out 90% of its income to its investors.  If you are an owner, that means you.

But, it gets even better.  Pipeline companies structured this way pay out nearly all of their cash flow to their investors.  If you are an owner, this is even better for you because these companies pull in cash like crazy.

Unlike oil or gas development companies, pipelines get paid for moving gasoline, crude oil, natural gas or some other petroleum product to markets or refineries.  Here is the critical advantage they have over companies in the oil or gas business –

The pipelines get paid all the time because oil and gas is always being transported by pipeline.

Furthermore, market fluctuations have little effects on the pipeline companies because their income is not tied to oil or gas prices.

This is a little known corner of the market that throws off high predictable income.  I have found the perfect ETF for investing in this highly lucrative but little known cash cow.

You can buy this one ETF and immediately own a piece of the cream de la cream of pipeline companies.  We will show you how an investment in this ETF last year would have kicked off a total return of 37.46%. 

Bonus #3 – How to Get Rich Farming and Never Plow a Field! (a $40.00 value)

Agricultural prices are soaring.  The prices of all grains and especially wheat are at an all time high.  In fact, for the first time in history, world wheat production is less than wheat consumption lifting prices higher and higher.  

Forces are in place which are hard to stop.  People in India and China are consuming more grains and grain products as their incomes grow.

And, in the United States, the government sponsored demand for ethanol is driving up corn prices. 

There are many different ways to profit from this trend –

You can buy commodity futures contracts for wheat and corn.

You could buy the stocks in companies which stand to profit from wheat, corn and other products.

Or, you can buy one ETF.

This ETF reflects price changes in the grains much like futures contracts in commodities.

However, it offers all of the advantages and safety of an ETF while futures trading is not only expensive, but very risky.

Following our approach to trading, you would have made 40.81% in this ETF in 2010.

But, there’s yet another angle to making money off soaring grain prices.

And, that’s investing in the companies that profit most from these price increases.  Companies involved in everything from making fertilizers used in farming to making farm equipment are profiting from the boom.

You could try to find the best companies profiting from the agricultural business. 

Or, you could invest in this one ETF specializing in the agricultural business.  If you had used the TMS Investment Formula and invested in this ETF in 2010, you would have pulled in an impressive gain of 40.81%!


Bonus #4 – Ten Secrets Every ETF Investor Should Know! (a $40.00 value)

ETFs are the now the choice vehicle for sophisticated investors.  We use ETFs almost exclusively at the TMS Trader.  Even though you may think you understand ETFs I can guarantee that you will learn something new and profitable in this highly revealing report.

  • You’ll learn why ETFs are the preferred way to earn profits from focusing your investments in only the most profitable markets.

  • You’ll get the truth about the cost advantage ETFs have over mutual fund! 

  • You’ll discover the number one secret for picking the best ETF even when there are two or more similar ETFs.


But, there’s even more –

You’ll discover how to use ETFs as the simple and highly effective way to play the commodities market and pull in outrageous profits!

You’ll also learn a number of secret way ETFS can be used to accomplish highly focused objectives, like –

Using ETFs as a tax planning device, or

Investing in the luxury goods markets using one little known ETF, or

Profiting from corporate spin-offs using one very special ETF.

But, there’s still more.  You’ll learn how to use ETFs to profit from market declines.  If you had used this one technique in the market crash of 2008, you would have earned a fortune while other investors were losing theirs.

Finally, you’ll discover how to use ETFs to diversify your portfolio, easier and safer than you can by buying common stocks or mutual funds.

This report has critical information you must have before you invest one more penny in stocks, mutual funds or ETFs.  It is my gift to you when you try out our Risk Free offer to experience the power of the ETF Investment Formula!

Bonus #5 – Make Ultra High Profits in Oil! (a $40.00 value)

In 2008 oil traded at $147 a barrel before starting its precipitous decline.  Now oil is on the rise again.

Instead of complaining about gasoline costing $4 a gallon or the soaring prices of heating oil, you should get even!

There are a pair of ETFs you need to add to your bag of smart investor tricks.

Each of these ETFs tracks oil and gas prices and then doubles the gains! 

One ETF throws off ultra high profits when the price of oil is going up.  If you had invested in this ETF in 2008 or 2010, you would have made a killing.

The other ETF in this amazing pair profits when oil prices decline.  And, it profits at double the rate of the price declines in oil.

You might think of this pair as the Yin and Yang of oil investing.

In 2010 the price of oil from late August through the end of the year was up.  If you had bought the ETF designed to double the profits of upside moves using the TMS Investment Formula, you would have made a return of 75.08% on your investment through January 31, 2010.

Oil is volatile right now.  But inevitably it will decline, and when it does you will profit on the downside as well by switching from the ETF taking a long position to its sister which profits from price declines.

Once you have the knowledge of this dynamic pair of ETFs, you will look forward to seeing oil prices soar or fall and make ultra-high profits while it happens!


Bonus #6 – Make a Killing in Real Estate Without Owning Any! (a $40.00 value)

While the US housing market is in the doldrums, some real estate investors are cleaning up.

These investors don’t buy houses.

Or apartments.

They don’t buy office buildings.

Or warehouses.

Or land.

These investors have major advantages over individuals who buy property directly.

They don’t have to make a large investment to profit from real estate.

Their investment is totally liquid as compared to real estate which sometimes may take years to sell.

These investors don’t have to worry about renting their properties or managing them like individual landlords do.

They don’t have to deal with tenants who stop paying and then refuse to leave or with midnight calls about stopped up toilets.

These investors are investing in Real Estate Investment Companies (REITs). 

With a REIT you can invest in real estate without worrying about dealing with all of the problems of real estate ownership and management.

Investing in a REIT is the smart way to profit from real estate investments.   REITs don’t require any minimum investment and they pay cash dividends like clockwork.

One way to invest in REITs is to start studying them.  You can spend a lot of time looking at prospectuses and setting up spreadsheets to compare their performance.

Or, you can profit from REITs doing what I call “one stop REIT investing” with just one ETF.

This ETF holds positions in the top performing REITS in the U.S.  You don’t have to find the top performers because this ETF has them.

Even in this time of falling real estate prices, an investment in this ETF would have paid off handsomely in 2010.  If you had invested in this ETF using our proven investment approach, you would have had a capital gain of 31.18% as of January 31, 2010.  And, on top of that, you would have received cash dividends giving you an additional return of 3.70% on your investment.   Combined, you would have made a very nice return of 34.88% on your real estate investment while individual’s owning real estate were pulling out their hair.

Invest in real estate the smart way with this high performance top performing ETF!


Bonus #7 – How to Profit From Red Hot Commodities With One Virtually Unknown Investment! (a $40.00 value)

How would you like to have a crystal ball that told you which commodities to invest in?

You could try to cover them all with investments in oil, natural gas, oil and gas exploration and gold.  To these you would have to add investments in copper, coal, steel, palladium and platinum.  And don’t forget silver and corn and wheat.  And, don’t forget to include soybeans, agriculture and fuel oil.

And, the list goes on.  Yet by investing in all of these commodities all you would be doing is spreading your money around.

There ought to be some way to invest in the top commodities picked by some objective means.

Relax.  A new ETF was launched on August 10, 2010, which does just this.  This ETF invests in 14 futures contracts picked out of a universe of 27 commodity futures using rigorous, quantitative means.  And this selection is rebalanced again every month.

This is not some variation of mutual fund type management.  There is no manager discretion involved.  Instead the holdings use an objective math-based selection process to ensure that the commodity futures are based on performance.

The result?

You can invest in the best of commodities by investing in this one highly rated ETF.  Although this fund has only been trading since August 10, 2010, if you had bought it on that date, through February 3, 2010 you would have made a gain of 36.98%!  There has never been a simpler, easier way to enjoy the hottest commodities than investing in this one extraordinary ETF!





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